Die-cut, Kiss-cut

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership that promises to bring a wealth of opportunities to the Sticker Builder tool and the entire printing industry, especially sticker printing. The personalized stickers market is rapidly growing, creating an urgent need for specialists to collaborate and develop new and exciting solutions. Forming collaborations is a major milestone for the personalized printing industry, and in recent months, Antigro Designer has been particularly active in such initiatives, bringing numerous benefits to the personalized printing market. This has allowed us to develop tools that can now serve industry professionals even better. We know that such actions enable us to gain a lot of important knowledge and develop tools that meet the expectations of the rapidly evolving and demanding printing market. 

Becoming an advanced partner of the Dscoop community, which comprises 20,000 members, including customers and partners of HP Industrial Print and Large Format, is a remarkable achievement and an incredible opportunity for growth. We are especially delighted because our partnership, which we have been discussing with Dscoop for quite some time, was finalized during this year’s drupa trade fair. During this event, we introduced the unique #wearedrupa project, which received exceptionally positive feedback and garnered significant interest from both attendees and exhibitors, including many members of the Dscoop community. 

What Our New Partnership Brings to the Future of Sticker Building 


Dscoop is a vibrant space for fostering idea exchange and skill advancement, offering numerous resources such as tools, training, and networking events. The community is dedicated to helping its members grow their businesses and solve challenges through cooperation and shared knowledge. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Antigro Designer and the tools it has developed. Sticker Builder, along with the entire personalized sticker market, will particularly benefit from this partnership as Antigro Designer already has ambitious plans for the development of this tool. We aim to enrich the sticker market with extensive resources and technologies that empower online stores and print shops selling personalized stickers to their customers. Engaging with this vibrant network and leveraging these opportunities will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience 

We plan to actively participate in events and trade shows organized by Dscoop, showcasing our solutions that streamline the creation of personalized stickers. Soon, we will share information about the next event where we will be available to meet and share knowledge with anyone interested in business growth through personalized stickers. This partnership with Dscoop represents a significant step forward, enhancing our reach and enabling collaboration with industry experts. We believe this collaboration will boost our capabilities and drive the personalized sticker market forward.