Die-cut, Kiss-cut

Packaging and shipping stickers may seem like straightforward and obvious tasks at first glance, but delving deeper into the available options and solutions can be highly beneficial. By taking the time to understand the various methods and technologies, you can avoid common pitfalls and enhance your business operations. Effective packaging and shipping strategies can set your company apart from the competition by ensuring that your customers receive their personalized stickers in perfect condition and in a timely manner. In the competitive market of personalized sticker sales, leveraging the packaging and shipping phase as a unique selling point can significantly boost your company’s reputation and success.   

Aesthetically pleasing packaging for stickers and their proper protection not only minimizes the risk of damage during transportation but also enhances the overall customer experience. This attention to detail ensures that the product arrives in pristine condition. Customers are more likely to feel satisfied and valued when they receive their order in well-designed and secure packaging. This level of presentation can significantly influence their perception of the brand, leading to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. Furthermore, attractive packaging can serve as an extension of the product itself, creating a memorable unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression.  

Creative Ideas for Proffesional Sticker Packaging

 If you sell die-cut or kiss-cut stickers that are cut into separate pieces and want the packaging of your company’s stickers to be perceived as more prestigious by your customers, investing in a machine for creating personalized boxes is a great idea. You can use these boxes as packaging for the products. Furthermore, you can offer them as separate products that your customers can design themselves using the Antigro Designer print customizer. The machines available on the market allow for the creation of personalized boxes, perfectly sized to accommodate the number of stickers you wish to package. By knowing the dimensions of a single sticker and the quantity to be shipped, you can calculate the dimensions of the box so that the stickers fit perfectly. With the use of a specialized machine, you can cut and assemble these boxes from cardboard, ensuring a tailored fit for your products.   


If you sell large quantities of stickers and package them in batches of, for example, 100 or 1,000 pieces, it is worthwhile to automate the packaging process. A good method is to count identical stickers using a scale. This device allows employees to weigh the stickers and determine their quantity. Workers first weigh a single sticker and set its parameters on the scale. Then, they add a portion of stickers and receive the total count without manually counting each pack of stickers. This method significantly speeds up the packaging process, makes the job easier, and ensures that the proper quantity of stickers is always packed in the order.

Top Sticker Shipping Methods for Customer Satisfaction


Courier Services

A popular method for delivering personalized stickers is through courier services such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. This is a convenient option where the courier picks up the package directly from the company’s premises and then delivers it to a sorting facility, where the package is processed for further transport. Subsequently, another courier delivers it to the customer’s home or a designated pickup point in the local area. Using courier services ensures a reliable and efficient delivery process, allowing businesses to provide timely shipping updates and tracking information to their customers. The ability to schedule pickups and track shipments in real time further streamlines the logistics of handling large volumes of orders, making it an ideal solution for companies specializing in personalized sticker sales. 

In-Store Pickup

Another popular method for delivering personalized stickers is through in-store pickup. This option allows customers to place their orders online and, after receiving notification that the personalized stickers are ready, collect them directly from the company’s retail location or a designated pickup point. The special convenience of this method is that customers can collect their orders at their convenience, without being limited by courier schedules or the restricted time frames during which packages are usually held at pickup points. This method eliminates shipping costs and waiting times associated with courier services, making it an attractive choice for local customers. Additionally, in-store pickup allows businesses to provide a personalized customer service experience, ensuring that orders are correct and meeting any last-minute needs. 


Automated Parcel Locker

In many countries, an extremely popular and secure form of delivery is through automated parcel lockers, such as Amazon Locker, Parcel Pending, Luxer One, or Inpost. The idea behind this delivery method is that the courier company delivers packages to automated parcel lockers selected by the customer, located in the most convenient places for them. These lockers are often found in various locations, such as supermarkets, gas stations, shopping centers, and other easily accessible areas. This system provides a flexible and secure way for customers to pick up their packages at their convenience, without the need to wait for a courier at home or deal with missed deliveries.

It is best to give customers the freedom to choose their preferred method of sticker delivery. Some customers will be more satisfied with receiving their shipment from a courier, while others may prefer to pick up their stickers from a designated pickup point or directly from your printing facility, saving on shipping costs. By offering multiple delivery options, you can cater to the diverse preferences of your customers, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction and convenience for everyone. 

Faster Delivery with Optional Express Shipping Fee


A common practice among companies that sell printed products, particularly those with a high volume of orders and a processing time that spans several days, is to offer an option for expedited order fulfillment for an additional fee. This approach serves as an additional revenue stream for the business and provides a significant benefit to customers who need their personalized stickers quickly and want assurance that their orders will arrive on time. By paying the extra fee, customers can prioritize their orders, ensuring faster processing and delivery. This practice not only enhances customer satisfaction by meeting urgent needs but also helps the company manage its workflow more efficiently, balancing high demand with timely service. In essence, this mutually beneficial arrangement helps businesses increase their profitability while providing customers with flexibility and reliability in receiving their products.