Die-cut, Kiss-cut

Personalized stickers are an area of the personalized printing market that is currently developing and undergoing significant changes. The creation of such products is becoming increasingly popular among customers and attracts a wide range of individuals interested in these products. However, without the right software, creating personalized stickers is not very profitable. Therefore, selling personalized stickers is, in most cases, primarily focused on business-to-business (B2B) customers. This is because creating sticker designs and establishing details with customers requires a significant amount of time, making it necessary for printing houses to sell products in wholesale quantities to ensure profitability. The type of stickers most frequently ordered by companies are those featuring logos, serving as promotional and marketing materials.   

Some companies that sell stickers to business customers also offer these products to individual customers. However, these options do not allow for personalization. The most commonly sold stickers are thematic sets, which customers purchase for various types of special occasions or events. Currently, there are not many companies in the world selling personalized stickers for individual customers. Therefore, in times of increasing popularity for personalized products, it is the perfect time for those who want to develop their business in this area. Using the right software, like Sticker Builder, creating personalized stickers for individual customers becomes very seamless and allows for a significant increase in business profits. 


An increasingly popular method of selling personalized stickers involves offering customers sheets containing several stickers in a default shape, such as round, with the option to personalize individual stickers. A popular use for these types of sticker sheets is creating jar labels. 

Based on the observations of customers using Sticker Builder by Antigro Designer, we have drawn conclusions that the ability to order stickers with personalized content is extremely important for customers, and they are willing to pay much more for such products than for ordinary stickers without the possibility of personalization. This allows printers to significantly increase revenues, and with the right software, it does not require an increase in the workload needed to complete such complex orders. 

To further differentiate your offer among other companies selling personalized stickers, it is worth using the latest technologies supported by Sticker Builder and fitting into the current trends. Stickers created using AI face cutouts technology are becoming extremely popular among consumers in almost every age group. Such stickers are useful for both small and large companies as well as private individuals, both adults and children. They are also used as elements to decorate items for special events such as birthdays or other personal events. This is a great way to make special events more attractive and add charm to small items used during various celebrations. 

Die-cut, Kiss-cut

In addition, the idea of creating stickers with images of customers’ cats, dogs, and other animals is breaking popularity records. People are eager to create such stickers to decorate items with the image of their beloved animal. These stickers are strongly associated with emotions, which influences customers in such a way that they order many more stickers and are more willing to create new, interesting designs. Moreover, social media platforms have fueled this trend, with users sharing photos of their personalized items, thereby inspiring others to do the same. There are many funny and interesting videos that often go viral. Thanks to the fact that videos containing information about these products are willingly shared by users, they also serve as a great marketing tool to promote the company among a wider audience and thus gain many new customers. 

Face stickers are also often ordered by people organizing weddings, so companies specializing in creating wedding stationery have great potential in this matter to expand their offer and thus attract customers with a variety of available options. Companies offering personalized face stickers are perceived as more up-to-date and adapted to the needs of today’s consumers. Face stickers, as well as those in other personalized shapes like people, animals, or things, can be used as a complement to the decorations used for the wedding ceremony and be added to gifts given to guests. In comparison to other decoration methods, they are easy to apply and can be safely removed, so they can easily be utilized to add shine and uniqueness to the items used during all types of special celebrations.