Sticker Builder Features

Take a look at some of the most important features of our sticker software, and take advantage on it!

For Your Business

Print Ready Files

Get files ready for print in PDF with cutlines or transparent PNG formats, ensuring compatibility with various printing machines. These formats streamline the printing workflow. Deliver high-quality results efficiently and professionally.

For Your Customers

Instant Sticker Preview

Offer a real-time preview of the sticker before printing, ensuring the design is perfect. This feature helps customers visualize the final product, reducing errors and enhancing satisfaction. A dynamic preview builds confidence in the purchase decision.

Cutlines! Cutlines!

Options include cutlines as regular color, cutlines in spot color, or dual cutlines (including perfcutcontour) in custom spot colors. This flexibility caters to different cutting needs and preferences. Ensure precision and quality in the final product.

Automated Outline Generation

Sticker Builder automatically generates smooth outlines without sharp corners, ensuring a high-quality cut. It simplifies the design process by eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Customers can expect professional-grade stickers without intricate editing.

Imposition and Cutter Markings

This feature reduces material waste and increases production speed. Achieve accurate cuts and maximize productivity with minimal effort.

Outline Thickness Adjustment

Let your clients adjust the thickness of the sticker outline with ease to match specific design needs. This flexibility allows for greater creativity and precision. Customers can experiment with different looks until they achieve the desired effect.


Sticker Builder automatically generates proofs for quick approval, speeding up the workflow. This feature minimizes errors and ensures customer satisfaction. Quickly move from design to production with confidence.

Generative AI Stickers!

Give your customers an oportunity  to create unique stickers using AI-powered generation. This advanced technology helps in producing distinctive and creative sticker designs. Customers can enjoy a personalized touch to their stickers.

Rapid File Generation

Sticker Builder generates print-ready files in as fast as 7 seconds, enhancing operational efficiency. This rapid turnaround allows for quick order processing. Meet tight deadlines and improve customer service with fast file preparation.

Outline Color Change

This feature enhances the visual appeal of the sticker. Let your customers easily experiment with colors to find the perfect match.

Higher Conversion

Significantly reduce order time, boosting your conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Faster processing leads to more sales and happier clients. Streamline your operations for better business outcomes.

Background Removal

Let your customers effortlessly remove backgrounds for clean, professional stickers, ensuring a polished final product. This tool saves time and simplifies the design process. Customers get high-quality stickers without needing external software.

Stickers Pricing Calculator

Offer customized pricing with Sticker Builder that aligns with your business goals and customer expectations.

Social Media Stickers

Designing custom-shaped stickers that feature a company’s or individual’s social media profile name alongside the platform’s logo is an excellent way to promote communication channels to your audience. This approach offers a unique and engaging method to boost visibility and interaction. These personalized stickers effectively connect your brand with your followers.

More features

Image Filters

Your customers will love applying various filters to enhance the appearance of your stickers, adding a professional finish. These filters can adjust colors, contrast, and other elements to make stickers stand out.

Predefined and Custom Shape Support

Predefined shapes or create custom shapes for your stickers, provide flexibility in design. This feature allows personalization both standard and unique sticker shapes.

Holographic Stickers

If you offer holographic, prismatic or glitter stickers, you can use our Sticker Builder to help your customers visualize the effect.

QR Code Generator

This feature is perfect for linking to websites, promotions, or contact information. Let your clients generate custom QR codes for theirstickers, adding informative elements to the designs.