Sticker Customizer for your online store!

Introducing the Sticker Builder – the ultimate tool that resolves all your die-cut and kiss-cut products challenges!

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This builder is designed to support EVERY product that requires a cut line layer

Automatic Outline & Cutline Generation

Your clients can now effortlessly modify the outline with ease, and it requires no extra effort from you!
We’ll do it for you in a second!

Introducing Sticker Builder: Your Go-To Solution for Every Cut-Out Product

We understand the unique needs of products that require precision cutting in their production process, like custom shape stickers. That’s why we’ve designed Sticker Builder to support and enhance the creation of every product demanding intricate cut-out designs. Whether you’re crafting stickers with bespoke shapes or any other product that necessitates cutting, Sticker Builder is here to ensure flawless execution every time.

For those who specialize in personalizing diverse products, we invite you to explore our full range of offerings. With Sticker Builder and Antigro Designer, the possibilities are limitless. Dive into our world of customization and discover how our solutions can elevate your projects. Explore our offerings below and embark on a journey of endless creativity and precision!

Meet Our Clients

All die-cut products!

We support all variety of die-cut products, including labels, stickers, cards, car mirror and door hangers, gift tags, decals, and much more!

All shapes suported!

The builders supports custom, oval, rectangle shaped products. It’s easy to design and print!

Perfect print-ready files!

After your customer prepare and define the project our builder will prepare the perfect print-ready multi-layer file with cut line in the spot channel included!

Save your time!

Time is a valuable commodity. The Sticker Builder is engineered to significantly reduce the time spent on sticker designing, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity of your business.

Streamline printing process!

Clients – make the design
Builder – automate everything and put files to a hot folder or wherever you want
Printer – print and cut

Automated imposition!

It saves time, money and material! You know how painfull it can be. Now The Builder will do it for you!

Want to know everything about Sticker Builder in a couple of minutes?
Watch this video!

Die-cut Revolution!

Look how easy this is from now!

Are you making custom stickers or other custom shape products? Are you or your team spending to much time on email with clients and preparing files for printing and cuting?

Or (worst case scenario) you are not ofering custom shape products because you have no time?

Check out the sticker maker that solve EVERY problem you’re facing right now!

Creative Clients

Unleash your clients’ creativity with an array of pre-defined graphics and the freedom to use their own artwork. It’s about turning their vision into awesome stickers, and more, with ease. Let the creativity flow and watch as they craft something truly unique!

Print House

Now it’s your turn: print, cut, pack, and send. Don’t forget to communicate with your client. Here’s a handy message template you can use:

Dear [First Name],

Great job on designing your new stickers! We’re thrilled to inform you that we’ve set a new record on our end – your order is being sent out even sooner than anticipated! Keep an eye out for your creative masterpiece arriving shortly.

Sticker Builder

Let us take the reins! Our builder seamlessly translates your client’s artwork into printer and plotter language. Effortlessly (on your side), we deliver print-ready and cut-ready files directly to your hot folder, FTP, or any preferred destination. Streamlining your process, we ensure everything is set for production without a hitch.

Happiest Clients

Your clients are thrilled with the streamlined process and the swift pace. And they’re equally impressed by your commitment to helping the environment. Yes, the automatic imposition feature significantly reduces material waste, and yes: NO REPRINTS as client get what they designed. This not only saves resources but also ensures a more sustainable printing practice. It’s a win-win for your business and the planet!


Sticker Builder at Work

Explore the capabilities of the Sticker Builder for both your clients and your business. Dive into the materials below for an in-depth understanding of how this tool can revolutionize your operations. Discover how it simplifies the design process, enhances customer satisfaction, and optimizes your workflow. With these resources, gain valuable insights into maximizing the Sticker Builder’s potential to benefit your clients and elevate your business to new heights.

Cutline Precision

The “Cutline Precision” feature in the Sticker Builder tool offers clients the ability to choose between tight, medium, and loose outlines for their sticker designs. This flexibility allows for precise customization, ensuring that the outline dimensions perfectly complement the sticker’s overall aesthetic and functional needs.

Background Color

The “Background Color” functionality in the Sticker Builder provides clients with the option to select a background color that best suits their sticker design. This feature allows for a high degree of customization, enabling users to either match the background with their brand colors or choose a contrasting hue for added visual impact.

Add Text

The “Add Text” feature in the Sticker Builder empowers clients to incorporate customized text into their sticker designs. This functionality provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors, enabling precise alignment with brand identity or specific design themes.

Clipart Library

The “Clipart Library” in the Sticker Builder tool offers a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use images and icons, enhancing the creative possibilities for sticker designs. This feature provides clients with a wide range of thematic and stylistic options, from simple icons to complex illustrations, suitable for various industries and personal preferences.


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