Offering customized stickers can really transform how customers see a printing house, adding an appealing touch to their range of products. This, in turn, enhances the company’s prospects of acquiring new customers and establishing a strong market position. The market for creating personalized stickers is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies aiming to improve or maintain their market presence must differentiate their offerings and provide the most appealing stickers, complete with a wide range of personalization options.   

What is the typical process of creating stickers? 

Currently, many companies that create personalized die-cut stickers handle customer orders manually. This process involves several stages. First, customers submit graphics and other content to be featured on the sticker, along with an additional description specifying the placement of each element. The graphic designer then opens the client’s file in a graphics program and prepares a proof, which includes the graphics and an outline. This proof is sent to the client for approval. If the client approves the design, the graphic designer creates print-ready files based on it and forwards these files for production. However, if the client has any comments on the proof, the graphic designer makes corrections based on feedback received via email or phone, and then resends the proof for approval. It is common for this process to be repeated multiple times until the client is satisfied with the design. Such a procedure can significantly extend the order processing time. Some companies report taking 3-5 days just to prepare proofs for approval. Consequently, end customers, frustrated by the long wait, may decide not to purchase stickers before placing the order or they may withdraw from the order during the design phase.  

The standard sticker creation process is inefficient and complicates file scaling. It requires printing house employees to devote time to repeated consultations with customers about the graphics for printing stickers. Given that the process of fulfilling orders for personalized stickers is lengthy and often requires multiple corrections and file edits, many companies with a full suite of tools for creating custom stickers choose not to expand in this area. This is because they believe the profits from selling personalized stickers are too low compared to the time and effort required to produce them.  

Companies that manually handle sticker production typically only sell to B2B customers. To achieve a return from the long and laborious order fulfillment process, they need to sell products in wholesale quantities. When individual customers order only a few stickers, the work required to create print files often surpasses the profit from the order fee. 

What is a better way to handle this process? 

An effective solution for selling personalized stickers to individual customers is automating file creation and transferring the design process entirely to the customers. With a user-friendly system, even those without graphic design experience can easily create their desired designs. A tool that enables customers to design their own stickers introduces highly personalized options without complicating file creation. This process is easy and much faster with the creator. Customers upload graphics they wish to use for their sticker. The tool then automatically generates three outline versions. Customers can edit the outline color, apply filters, add clipart, and insert additional text. There’s no need for a proof, as customers can continuously preview and see all changes as they design. 

Stickers created by customers themselves meet their exact expectations. After the customer approves the design and pays for the order, the tool automatically generates ready-to-print files containing the appropriate spot colors, CutContour or ThruCutConrour (for kiss-cut stickers), and PerfCutContour (for die-cut stickers). Print house workers can download these files and immediately start printing.  

The Sticker Builder by Antigro Designer, which automatically creates print-ready files, is a game-changer for printers. It reduces work time while maintaining the highest quality of sticker production. The fact that the end-user can design a sticker before placing the order leads to higher conversion rates. Additionally, the significantly reduced order fulfillment time positively impacts customer satisfaction. The Sticker Builder by Antigro Designer tool enables printers to offer their customers a versatile creator. It allows customers to craft original designs, thereby doubling the company’s profits. With the right software, print house workers no longer need to spend time on monotonous tasks or exchange messages with customers. Instead, they can focus their potential on creating templates that inspire customers to craft unique designs, thereby increasing the number of orders.

Sticker Builder by Antigro Designer is a versatile tool that supports not only custom shapes but also predefined ones, such as circles or rectangles. This versatility enables the sale of standard templates to both B2B and B2C customers, thereby improving the process of creating such orders.

Are you interested in expanding your offerings by including other personalized products? If you’re already creating stickers, it’s highly likely that you can also effortlessly introduce personalized banners. With Antigro Designer, it’s easier than you might imagine.