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Stickers are versatile products often purchased by both individuals and companies looking to label individual items, enhance packaging aesthetics, and showcase their products. Individual customers often prefer custom stickers, crafting unique designs that hold additional personal value for them. For businesses, these products are typically procured in wholesale quantities, serving either an informative or decorative function. 

Although currently available tools enable users to preview stickers accurately, many assert that receiving sample stickers and testing them in real-life conditions – evaluating their tactile feel and appearance when applied to a chosen surface – makes a significant difference. Moreover, the tactile testing of sample stickers not only addresses aesthetic concerns but also ensures that the chosen materials and adhesives align with specific use cases. Customers find reassurance in the tangible experience of handling samples, allowing them to make informed decisions about the durability and suitability of stickers for their intended applications. This hands-on approach minimizes the risk of unexpected issues arising once the stickers are in use.  

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Consequently, the option to place a test order before committing to a larger quantity is highly valued by customers. Many companies seek assurance that stickers, labels or decals will effectively complement their products. The ability to assess stickers on a smaller scale before placing the substantival order is often a key factor in a customer’s decision to choose the services of a particular printing house.

In addition to providing assurance, the option for test orders fosters a sense of collaboration between customers and printing houses. This collaborative approach contributes to the development of a tailored solution, ensuring that the stickers align seamlessly with the customer’s branding guidelines, design preferences, and functional requirements. The personalized service derived from the test order phase often becomes a defining factor in establishing long-term partnerships between customers and printing providers. 


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How to use sample stickers to encourage customers to make a purchase?

A frequently employed method to encourage customers to place an order for stickers is to allow them to make a test order first. It is a common practice for companies to prepare small sets with examples of various types of stickers, enabling customers to compare individual stickers based on the materials used or the way they are made. In many cases, companies offer such kits for free or for a small fee. This allows customers to choose the best option and subsequently place an order for a larger quantity of stickers with a customized pattern and size. Incorporating a company logo on these stickers is a good strategy, as it not only encourages customers to make a purchase but also serves as a promotional element. 

Commonly, companies that sell other printed products alongside stickers include free stickers in packages with other products purchased by a given customer. This provides the customer with an opportunity to explore the possibilities of stickers and discover that they can purchase them from the specific company. Even if the customer doesn’t decide to buy stickers in such a situation, receiving a bonus gift influences their satisfaction, increasing the likelihood that they will happily use the company’s services again and recommend it to others. In addition to providing customers with sticker samples in this manner, it is also a popular practice to distribute stickers to potential customers during various events and conferences. This approach allows them to become more familiar with the company’s offerings and may influence their decision to use its services in the future.