Die-cut stickers generated automatically from graphics

Go to a higher level of personalized stickers with Antigro Designer. We’ve harnessed the power of innovation to introduce a groundbreaking feature – the automatic contour generation. This feature seamlessly transforms the uploaded text, logos, and other graphics into stickers with captivating, irregular shapes. Give customers the ability to create designs themselves and let them choose the thickness of the outline of images and texts that they want to transform into a unique sticker.  


Face cutouts powered by AI 

New, revolutionary feature for custom stickers design. Cutting out faces and creating custom stickers with an automatically adapted shape. This cutting-edge functionality leverages Artificial Intelligence to precisely detect and separate images design components, enabling your clients to easily transfer them onto sticker template.

Empower your customers to create one-of-a-kind stickers with a face of the selected person. The process of generating these graphics is extremely straightforward; all your clients need to do is upload a photo into the system, and the software will extract the facial features from it to create the design. 

Spot Channel   

Depending on the printing house’s preferences, you can either generate files for printing stickers with a cutting line on a separate layer or create two separate files. In the second option, one file contains the graphics, and the other is a spot channel for cutting the sticker shapes. 

Predefined Templates

Create default sticker shapes and ready-to-use templates, such as round, square, and others, which you can offer to your customers within the Antigro Designer creator. You have the possibility to design numerous sticker templates for various products, such as spices, jams, wedding cake boxes, and more, allowing your customers to create their unique designs. 

Automated Imposition

Say goodbye to the hours spent on arranging files for printing on a sheet. Antigro Designer handles the entire process of generating ready-to-print files, including imposition adapted to the sheets you sell, so that you can save both your time and materials used in stickers production. 

Sample stickers

Customized stickers with Antigro Designer

Personalized stickers are products that you can sell to both individual customers and companies looking to create distinctive promotional gadgets for their business. Predefined-shaped stickers and die-cut stickers provide your clients with ample opportunities to create stickers that align perfectly with their company’s branding. Thanks to the user-friendly sticker creator, they don’t need advanced skills or a lot of time to make even the most intricate patterns.  

The AI-powered cutout functionality in the software simplifies the design workflow, thereby decreasing the time and energy needed to craft one-of-a-kind personalized stickers. This implies that your clients can freely and effortlessly unleash their creativity, resulting in increased satisfaction and greater chance that they will order regularly.